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Dear Wamego Country Club Members,

We are at the half-way point of the year and your Board of Directors thought this would be a good time to summarize the work we have completed to hopefully continue the positive growth of our club.

To begin with, the board of directors has shifted positions and filled a vacancy. Our club President is Dr. Ryan Kueker, Vice-President Alex Stultz, Treasurer Theresa Westphal, Secretary Casie Hartwich, and the remaining board members are Jake Stephenson, Stan Symons and Mark Neely. We are all eager to serve the club.

Starting in September, our meetings will be the second Tuesday of the month beginning at 4pm. Members are encouraged to attend the meetings to voice their comments, questions, suggestions, and concerns. So far this year, we have seen steady growth of our membership, great turnout for tournaments and overall are in a solid financial position; despite the heavy rains earlier this year. There are currently 3 lifetime memberships available. Please inquire with Chad with any questions or to take advantage of this excellent opportunity.

We’ve encountered one major repair when our sewer system backed up at our Easter celebration. Luckily, we were able to quickly fix the problem and utilized moving the sewer line to a better location to account for future growth, but this large expense was not in the budget. The board has decided to assess the entire membership equally a one-time fee of $40. Assessing this expense will cover the cost incurred and allow us to maintain the funding of our current budget. . We have been fortunate to not have a membership assessment since 2012. . Your account will be assessed in September.

The board is also eager and determined to grow the social aspect of the club by offering fun events for our membership. We plan to host “Restaurant-Style Steak Night” in the coming months. Pending success, our goal would be to see this happen regularly so please make plans to eat at the club. Guests are welcome too! Be on the lookout for scheduled dates.

Lastly, you were notified earlier this year that we would begin assessing finance charges to accounts with 60+ days of charges. Diligently managing our accounts receivables is a crucial component of our club and we hope you understand the necessary steps we enacted to protect your finances. Please check with Chad if you are unsure of the status of your account, or if you would like to set-up automatic bill-pay to avoid any penalties. Your membership and continued support to Wamego Country Club is very important and appreciated tremendously. We hope your summer is going well with lots of time spent playing our beautiful course or enjoying a drink on the deck.


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